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Is it possible to order from outside of Holland?

Although Budgethoesjes.nl started as a Dutch webstore, our unique products quickly caught the eye of the internet - and thus the eye from people around the globe. We are proud to have you in our webstore, and are more than happy to arrange any order you wish for.

However, since our primary market is still the Netherlands, our systems are not made to deal with international customers. Not a problem though - we'll work around that! Simply e-mail us using the form and we'll get you started! It'll be an easy proces really, though since we don't accept creditcards you do need a way to transfer money using IBAN - which nearly all banks offer.

Long story short; if you wish to order any pouch or case you have spotted on our webstore, send us a quick e-mail and we'll give you the details you need to get you the case you desire!